60-Second Style: A Big Night Out

60 Second Style: A Big Night Out, Chanel, Jimmy Choo, D&GNeed some fashion inspiration for your big night out? Look no further, ladies! We’ve all been there…working hard all week and secretly hoping the weekend comes sooner. And then, when Saturday night is finally reality, you stare blankly at the overflowing wardrobe and your heart sinks- You have nothing to wear!

Oh, it’s a disaster and it is heartbreaking, I know but do not panic just yet. Why don’t you bring your game up a notch and instead of the same old (and trusted) LBD, go for a coloured skirt and a lace cropped top? I am sure that all of you have these statement pieces at the back of your wardrobe so why don’t you pour yourself a drink and take a deep breath… gold stilettos, dramatic eye make up and a spritz of your favourite perfume and you are ready to go!

If you are aiming for more glamorous look, I’d suggest to keep the colours dark and mysterious while nudes and pastels will give you that chic demure appeal. Bold accessories and a big smile are all you need now- have fun!


Love Dobi xx