How to get that perfect smile

In the pursuit of achieving that perfect smile, many of us have gone through countless treatments and experimented with even more products at home. What they all have in common regardless of the price tag, is that dreadful over-sensitivity you are left with afterwards. Luckily, the lovely people from Billion Dollar Smile have developed non-peroxide teeth whitening strips that are easy to use from the comfort of your own home.

teeth whitening strips for perfect smile

A religious tea drinker myself, I’ve had my teeth professionally whitened quite a few times. The last time, however, my teeth felt sensitive for weeks after the treatment and that’s when I decided that enough was enough.

teeth whitening strips for perfect smile

Billion Dollar Smile whitening strips give you the opportunity to achieve bright and sparkly smile quick and safe . The strips are individually packed and super easy to use. And now, my favourite part- they don’t contain peroxide; therefore their use does not damage your teeth or cause discomfort or high sensitivity. Yay!

teeth whitening strips for perfect smile

The box I received, comes with 14 packs of 1 upper + 1 lower teeth strip ( 28 strips altogether) and you are supposed to use them for 15 minutes every day. The pack will last you for two weeks, however you can stop using them sooner if you achieve your desired results before the pack runs out. This way you can  keep the rest of the strips and use them once a week to keep your perfect smile sparkly white!

teeth whitening strips for perfect smileI noticed difference after the first use but after about a week you can really start seeing results. don’t forget to brush your teeth with water only before using the strips. I found the minty flavour very pleasant and appealing, unlike other products I’ve used that literally taste and smell like bleach! Great product overall, excited with the results and I’d definitely use it again. Having a beautiful white smile does make you feel like a billion dollar indeed!

For the full range of products and to grab your pack, visit Billion Dollar Smile.


Love Dobi xx


*This post has been sponsored by Billion Dollar Smile. However, all views and opinions are my own.