How To Style A Turban

Another glorious morning in Egypt and another opportunity for me to play dress up… My obsession with turbans and bohemian chic goes way back. I’m pretty sure it has a lot to do with the old magazines my mum had laying around the house during my yearly years. A 60s child herself, she had an impressive collection of unique and vintage pieces of clothing and jewellery. Aahhh, I could live in her wardrobe (and I did try on a few occasions!).

There is something incredibly glamorous about turbans and I myself, must have at least ten of them nowadays, in all sort of colours and fabrics. Being at such a vibrant and opulent location like Egypt, I indulged in wearing a different one every single day we spent there! Effortlessly chic and classy, turbans also do a great job protecting your hair from the sun, as well as keeping it away from your face when it’s windy, and let’s be honest- it always is by the sea!

For the photos above, I’ve paired a hot pink turban (Depop) with a silk dress in royal blue (vintage). I find those two colours to work extremely well together, complimenting and bouncing off each other. Cheeky tassels (Bertie sandals) and gold accessories ( Michael Kors Pink Dial Gold Watch), as well as big sunnies (United Colors of Benetton) are absolutely essential for this look! The final touch is an embellished clutch to carry all those precious beauty secrets. The dilemma is- shall I stay by the pool or head to the beach?


Love Dobi xx