How To Throw The Perfect Summer Garden Party

How To Throw The Perfect Summer Garden PartyHow To Throw The Perfect Summer Garden Party by evocativevibes


It’s officially summer party season and if you’ve seen Matthew Williamson’s latest (or just any!) Instagram posts,  you must be crushing on floaty dresses and anything bohemian. He’s just transformed Blakes Hotel’s courtyard as a sumptuous celebration of the summer season. While we can’t all be Mr Matthew Williamson, your backyard can easily become the perfect set up for those summer rendezvous with friends and family. Close to home and free of charge, garden parties are fabulous! If you have ever wondered what makes a successful party though, the answer is detailed planning and preparation. Regardless of the scale of the gathering, there are always a few common elements that need to be covered in order to make the event hassle free and memorable for everyone:

  • Set a realistic budget and allocate the main part of it to the aspect that’s most important to you- it could be decorations, refreshments or hiring a live band etc.
  • Allow plenty of time for preparations and send a timely invite so your guests can save the date.
  • Select a party theme and be consistent.

Boho chic has to be my favourite idea for a casual themed garden party – get out a few mismatched and colourful rugs, as many pretty cushions as you can and if your budget allows, feel free to buy or hire some extra props, such as a swing or a hammock.

– Crystal chandeliers hanging from the trees, together with candles in various empty jars will light up the atmosphere and your guests’ happy faces!

– Suggest to your party guests to embrace the bohemian vibe and wear suitable attire.

– Moroccan snacks and refreshments can be served on beautiful platters  while soft Eastern music plays in the background…

  • Entertainment is crucial- depending greatly on who your guests are and what they like but make sure there’s an element of fun and surprise. Tarot and palm reader, treasure hunt (hold off the chocolate coins and get some nice little prezzies!) or even a game of truth or dare ( with a twist) might work great.
  • Do make a playlist with preferred tunes ahead of the party as this will save you valuable time on the night!
  • Always have a plan B. Hire a marquee or prepare an area inside the house in case it starts raining!

While these are just a few inspirational ideas,  you can really tap into your imagination and create your perfect garden party…anything comes to mind?


Love Dobi xx