The secret to sculpting yourself slim

Sculpting yourself slim with NutribuddySculpting and toning your body is not an easy task, it takes commitment and time that many of us lack. And then, there’s chocolate cake… However, all is not lost and ¬†there is help at hand! I recently came across and had the pleasure of trying out Nutribuddy Starter Kit– quality British brand offering products to help achieving your goal weight and sculpting your dream body.

Sculpting yourself slim with Nutribuddy

The ultimate 30-day Starter Kit contains all of Nutribuddy’s products and is sure to set you on the right path. With ingredients such as whey protein, green tea, guarana and chromium, the Sculpting Whey speeds up your metabolism and burns fat, all while curbing your appetite and reducing cravings.

Personally, on most days I’ve been enjoying mine as a post-workout snack, mixed up with 300ml unsweetened almond milk in my Nutribuddy Shaker. However, you can add a scoop to your smoothie and consume as a meal replacement drink once a day.

Sculpting yourself slim with Nutribuddy

The Hunger Fix glucomannan capsules are truly amazing! If you’re wondering what glucomannan is, here are the facts:

  • Glucomannan is a natural plant extract that comes from the root of the konjac plant.
  • Glucomannan takes up space in your stomach and makes you feel full, therefore making you eat less.
  • Clinical studies on glucomannan have concluded that it is an effective weight loss aid.

You take 1-2 capsules between 15mins-1hour before meals three times a day. Make sure you drink 1-2 full glasses of water too!

Sculpting yourself slim with Nutribuddy

I’ve only been using the Nutribuddy products for 2 weeks but what I have noticed is increase in energy levels, loss of appetite and already feel and look more toned. So far I’ve lost 3kg and my skin is glowing. As expected, results would vary. I particularly love the effect of the Multivitamins¬†included in the Starter Kit. It’s a handy bag of vitamins and minerals that are essential to your body and help you maintain healthy skin, eyes and nervous system. They also help your body release energy from the food you eat and can block carbs.

Added bonus is The Little Book Of Weight Loss which is full of handy tips and recipes to keep you motivated and inspired! To find more details visit Nutrubuddy’s ¬†website.


Love Dobi xx


*This post has been written in collaboration with Nutribuddy. However, all opinions are my own.