DIY Statement Denim Jacket

With summer just around the corner, denim jackets (and denim anything!) are becoming increasingly popular. Not that denim ever goes out of style of course, but for me personally, summer is the season to embrace your denim obsession to the fullest! I love how versatile the fabric is and that you can dress it up or down breezily.


Last  Spring  I was desperately looking for an embellished denim jacket and had a certain image in mind- a little ripped up and cool but not over the top so it could be worn with pretty much anything… it proved quite impossible to find a piece like that, especially without breaking the bank! Therefore, I decided to make one of my own! To be honest, I’m rather proud of my creation and love it to bits. The good news? You can design and embellished one yourself!IMG_1745

Whether you are a rock, boho or a polished city chic, you can add your own twist and personalise it beautifully. All you need is some free time and imagination!  Just add beads, ribbons, threads, buttons…anything you wish really!  I love wearing mine over dresses and I usually stick to minimal or no accessories as the jacket  itself is the focal point of the outfit. The images are from my last trip to Bath with the gorgeous Miss Sanders!IMG_1737

How do you style your denim? Can’t wait to hear your tips!


Love Dobi xx