How Bohemian!

When it comes to bohemian chic, there’s hardly anyone who does it better than Matthew Williamson- a master of print, embellishment, attention to detail and kaleidoscopic colour. His spirited sense of glamour and attention to detail have recently brought to life Blakes hotel’s cozy backyard. Blooming with beautiful flowers, the space is immaculately decorated- oozing with charm and Williamson’s signature aesthetic.

Having had the privilege of being all by ourselves at that fabulous location (apart from the lovely waitress, who kept bringing us drinks and most delicious snacks!), it didn’t take us long before taking the camera out and enjoying a quick boho shoot out in the sunshine. In between mouthfuls of beetroot and sesame seed falafels, olives and smoked almonds, we were snapping away as if trying to capture the soul of this oasis and take it away with us…but then, who wouldn’t love to have THAT peacock chair!

If you are in London and haven’t seen this piece of heaven yet, don’t miss the chance to visit before the 14th July! Find out more here. What are your thoughts on bohemian chic, would you embrace the trend and go all floaty maxi (preferably Matthew Williamson’s own that is!) or do you find it a little outdated? I personally adore the boho vibes but always try and add a bit of modern twist, just to keep things fresh…


Love Dobi xx