How To Wear: A Casual Sweatshirt

How to Wear a Casual Calvin Klein Sweatshirt, Converse, Denim

Have you ever wondered why we cherish Sundays so much? Could it be because of those lie ins and almost ridiculously late brunches? Maybe. Or the fact that the world around us seems to slow down and somehow appears to become a better place? Most definitely. However, for me it’s always been about the laid back weekend style, you know the one- sneakers, favourite ripped jeans and a comfortable casual sweatshirt.

It’s easy to perk up your casual weekend look with some super glam accessories such as an eye-catchy belt, sunglasses or handbag. They don’t have to be designer to make you stand out and look effortlessly chic! Do swap the sneakers for a pair of gorgeous heels if that’s more your style and go for a ‘barely there’ make up to really embrace the chilled weekend vibe… What are your plans this Sunday?


Love Dobi xx